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How do we calculate our pricing?

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1 member

Vendor management

Global payments

Unlimited bill payments

Business accounts

Expense management

Pay-ins capped at ₦150

Payouts cost ₦50 max


25,000/5 Employees /Month

Your entire team in one place

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Everything in our free plan

Unlimited team members

Pay-ins are free

Payouts cost ₦50 max

Tax Management

Integrations (Quickbooks, Sage, MS Dynamics)

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Why use Autospend?

Fixed platform access fee

To make recurring costs more straightforward, we offer a fixed monthly subscription fee that grants you access to all our features.

Variable transaction usage fees

To make sure you only pay for the services you use, we have employed a variable pricing model which will be determined by the service you trigger while using the platform.

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Explore our list of frequently asked questions to find the information you need. If you don't see your question here, feel free to reach out to our support team for further assistance.

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What countries can I make payments to?

Users can make payments to vendors in Nigeria, USA, China/Hong Kong, Ghana, Cameroon, UK, Dubai/UAE

Who pays the transaction fees

By default the business bears the transaction fees but you can change this at your convenience from your dashboard

How can I get more information about Autospend?

You can read articles in our help centre and feel free to contact support at any time.

Do I get charged per transaction?

We charge a payment method fee per transaction